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Steve Jobs Steve jobs died today. He was only 56. I have no love loss for Mr. Jobs. Matter of fact, I have been very critical of him over the past decade – even considering him a rival of sorts. Yet simultaneously, Steve Jobs has always been an inspiration, and a mentor; someone to remind us all, to see the world for not what it is, but what it could be. Steve Jobs is someone I always respected, even though I have disagreed with on many occasions. There are tons of things I think he could should have gotten better, and other things I know for a matter of fact were the ideas of others, that pop culture has attributed to Steve, and Steve does nothing to correct them. I am a big proponent of giving everyone their due, however, I could see where I may feel differently about that when billions of dollars are at stake. I’d like to think that I could stand on my convictions enough, that money no matter how much, would not change my actions – I guess when the money starts rolling in from my own ventures, we will see how well I stick to my own beliefs.

I digress. I got the news of Steve’s very untimely death only a few minutes ago while reading Julian Lennon’s Facebook wall, and am still in shock over the news. I had taken a nap earlier. Woken up, took out the dog, brought in the rubbish bin, gotten a long, hot shower, and eaten leftovers for supper – an ordinary a day as their could be. All the while, Steve Jobs was no longer with the living. He was still with us when I went to sleep. He just was no longer by the time I awoke. How can Steve Jobs be dead already? This is about as surreal is Michael Jackson’s death a couple of summers back. Of the pantheon of influential icons in my life, of late the number seems to be dwindling.

Anyway, I really am at a loss for anything of substance, or cohesion to say at the moment, and I have always been terrible at eulogizing anyone (don’t ever get me to speak at your funeral, I’ll really fuck it up); everything in my head is like word salad right now. And maybe that speaks volumes in and of itself.

Goodbye, Steve . . .

February 24, 1955 – October 5, 2011
Steve Jobs


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