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The Fades

The Fades on BBC 3Been keeping an eye on The Fades, a BBC 3 dark fantasy series centering around a young geek named Paul, who can see the dead (the titular, Fades), and is having unexplained visions about the end of the world. I’m up to episode three currently, with episode four broadcasting Wednesday. The show overall, started out kind of darkly whimsical, but is really turning into something special – which seems to be the trend with many of the short UK series.

It’s a shame the series is only six episodes long, as I’m beginning to really fall for it. But I guess it is what it is; part of the reason so much of UK television is so good, is because of the brevity of most of the series.

Anyway, the end of the world appears to be coming along nicely, and even I’m beginning to doubt that protagpnist Paul, will be able to save it in just three more episodes – definitely not at the rate he is going by the end of episode three.


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  2. Just finally got around to watching the final two (last Wednesday’s and this Wednesday’s) episodes of The Fades, and all I can say is, HOLY SHIT!!! This is the best new sci-fi/fantasy series I have seen in ages. Easily on par with BSG or Misfits, or something of that caliber. And boy did they know how to wrap things up so that it really leaves you wanting to see more – much more.

    Sometimes, its so hard to believe the Brits can pack so much goodness into only a six episode series. But my goodness if they do not accomplish it on a fairly regular basis. I have no idea if The Fades has been renewed for a second series, however, if not, then the six episodes they have stand as a masterpiece. And if so, then it is going to be a very long wait for series two.

    October 29, 2011 at 12:17 am

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