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Procrastinate CatAch du liebe! I actually have a growing backlog of over half a dozen posts, in varying degrees of completion. It’s weird. I’ll find this really interesting something to comment about, I’ll actually start the initial write up, only to realize(?) that it is not worth the effort writing about . . . or that in order to make a decent post about, I’ll have to create too much filler, or something like that.

I think my problem is, I have some really big subjects that I want to cover am covering actually; stuff that requires a bit lot more research than your average post, and when I start working on the lesser posts, well, they just seem so inadequate next to the larger material. Does that make any sense?

Maybe it’s a risk/reward sort of thing – well not really risk, but . . . Each posts requires a certain level of work to go into each. Perhaps I’m just not, or maybe I’m too lazy to invest in the smaller posts. Which is kind of odd, as the larger ones require so much more work to accomplish. But maybe it’s because when those are finished, they do feel like an accomplishment worth having stuck it out for, having put the extra effort into them.

I don’t know, maybe I’ll just stop being lazy and crush those smaller posts out there anyway.

*SIGH* I could really use a bottle of red right now . . . and a back rub . . .


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