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The Foodie In Me

FoodieThis morning I had the most amazing scrambled eggs. The recipe was really a simple affair: a pat of clarified butter, two eggs, a couple dashes of salt and black pepper, plus aged cheddar and aged provolone grated right into the skillet. But despite the simplicity of it all, it was truly a glorious side dish to start the day with, and quite possibly the best scrambled eggs that I have had in years. It was toe-curling great, which got me to thinking.

Cooking and fine dining have long been two of my favorite activities (and I’m in a constant battle with the girth to prove it), and in the past few years since leaving Vegas, I have really been pushing myself to take the quality of my dishes up a few levels. Mind you, I’m no master chef, or anything like that. Nor am I professionally trained in any way, not unless you include working at McDonald’s and Checkers while in high school, over twenty years ago, as professional training. I’m just an ordinary guy, with a taste for extraordinary foods, a near obsessive attention to detail, and the belief that every meal, no matter if you are stinking rich, or just barely making it, should be a 5-star affair; or as close to one as is humanly possible.

It’s just as much about the journey as it is about the destination, as the saying goes. And with that in mind, it is my desire that bringing the subject of food to my blog, will be as much a learning experience, as it is a sharing experience. I don’t claim to have all the answers. I don’t even claim that any of the recipes I share here will be 100%. As far as I am concerned, I consider myself a perpetual student of the art of cooking. And I constantly think of everything I cook as a work in progress. So if I share it with you, it is very likely to change, sometimes in major ways, but most often in subtle ways, the next time I make it. If you have the opportunity to make some of these, then feedback is greatly appreciated. And if you feel the need to share, then by all means.

Something I do like in particular, are the fundamentals of cooking. And this is an area I really want to place special focus on whenever possible. Mind you, my knowledge of such things is spotty (remember, I have zero professional training), but one thing I have learned over the past few years, is that each time I add knowledge of yet another of the fundamentals to my knowledge base, the quality of the foods I cook tend to go up significantly with a bit of practice applying the newly acquired knowledge. And that is really a powerful thing when cooking. It’s often like trying to build a house with hammer and nails, and then one day learning about nail guns. It’s a simple enough change in methodology, but man does it change the name of the game once you get some quality time to practice this new thing you have learned.


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