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From THQ, and the Makers of Fallout: New Vegas

January’s Game Informer world premiers a freshly announced South Park: The Game, a role-play game (RPG) from publisher THQ, and developer Obsidian Entertainment, developers of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II, Alpha Protocol and Fallout: New Vegas. The game will be a full-sized, premium priced game, coming to PC and current gen HD consoles, presumably in 2012. And based on the Game Informer cover art, will be a game take some manner of inspiration from the season six episode, The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers, and Make Love, Not Warcraft, an episode from the 10th season.

Unlike other South Park gaming projects over the years, South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone are said to be taking a direct hand in creating this RPG. And if by direct hand in creation, the results are anything like projects in other media the duo have taken a direct hand in (South Park: Bigger Longer, & Uncut, Team America: World Police, The Book of Mormon), then not only will this hands down, easily be one of the best South Park video game ever made, but very likely one of the best video games made this generation.

While information on their website is currently sparse (for the full, in-depth details, you’ll have to pick up the January issue of Game Informer Magazine), according to the website, Parker and Stone are writing the script, providing voice work, as well as overseeing the game’s production. With this level of input into the project, this all around should be a South Park project very true to the source – a very good thing, considering how often licensed projects, get derailed from any semblance or respect of the original IP.

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  1. Nice post, I’m a huge fan of south park (watched every single episode!) but this worries me slightly. Even though south park is undoubtedly my favourite cartoon, I don’t really see it being a great game. Cartoon games I’ve played in the past have been moderately entertaining, but they don’t deliver the full satisfaction that other games do. Would you really call this game of the generation against competitors such as Portal 2, Gears of War, Crysis 2…..?

    December 1, 2011 at 3:52 pm

    • Jesus Christ, one small typo . . .

      First of all, thanks for responding to my post. I really appreciate you taking the time to read it.

      Secondly, I meant to say (and have now corrected it to say), “one of the best,” not “the best.” Apologies for the mix up.

      As for whether I think it will stand up against some of the best this gen? Yes, I do. Firstly, I would not have thought Parker and Stone could have churned out a hit Broadway musical that would go on to sweep the Tony’s this year, picking up a total of nine awards from the ceremony, plus dozens of other awards from around the show industry, but they did. And The Book of Mormon is being heralded as the best musical to come along in decades.

      And while true, a musical on Broadway is completely different affair from a video game, the game has several major things in it’s favor:

      1. as stated in the article, Trey Parker and Matt Stone will be taking a direct hand in the making – that is something they have never done for any game bearing the South Park brand
      2. Parker and Stone are huge gamers. If they have any say in it, I do not think they are going to allow this game to be anything, if not reach the ideals they have of what a video game can be, and meet the level of quality of the games they themselves like to play
      3. the game is a RPG. The problem with most licensed games, is that they are quick cash-ins, which cater to the least common denominator, which usually equate to trying to shoehorn the universe of the license unto a poorly executed action styled game play. Being a rpg, first and foremosts, the emphasis is on story. The gameplay does not take a complete backseat, but the emphasis is still on story, and character development, and other things which are normally intangible in most game types like action games and shooters. And story, plot, character development, exposition about the condition of the common man, these are the things that South Park excel at the best. Taking the time and money to make the game into an RPG, is what is going to allow it to shine the brightest.
      4. the got Obsidian Entertainment to make the game. True it is not BioWare or Bethesda, but Obsidian are not slouches. The creative leads at Obsidian created the Fallout universe and the first three games, while working at Black Isle Studio under Interplay. Under the old company, they’ve worked on stellar gems like Planescape: Torment, and under the new company have worked on hits from Neverwinter Nights 2, to KOTOR2, to Fallout: New Vegas. If any rpg developer knows how to take a licensed property and turn it into a hit that core gamers actually care about, it will be these guys.
      5. they picked a publisher who actually wants true AAA titles under their belt. THQ has been through a lot of restructuring over the past few years, the culmination of which is a leaner, hungrier company looking to prove itself with true hits – whether the property is home grown, or whether it is a license. They have had some misfires recently with Homefront not living to potential, and Red Faction being taken in a weird direction. But when you get your hands on games like Saints Row: The Third (truly one of 2011’s best games), really begin to get a feel the company is turning it’s act around. And when you look into it’s near future with upcoming releases like Darksiders II (also a rpg), their poaching Assassin’s Creed‘s lead producer, Patrice Désilets from Ubisoft, among other savvy moves they have made recently, you begin to see THQ’s commitment to publishing the best games, coming to the surface. This kind of commitment from the publisher side (and the development budget that goes with said commitment), in many cases is the difference between an awesome game, and more “me too” product hitting store shelves.

      So yeah, I really do think this is going to turn out to be an excellent game; one of the best games all gen even. And if somewhere along the way, they can make you laugh so hard until you pee, then triple kudos to them.

      December 2, 2011 at 1:13 am

  2. oops, double post

    December 2, 2011 at 12:55 am

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