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Home of the Future

I am seriously surprised no one has been discussing this television program. I have been watching Home of the Future for the past five weeks, and this is a techie/gamer/gadget-guru’s wet dream come to life.

The basic premise of Home of the Future: they have taken an average family (three generations living under one roof), completely gutted their home turning it into an ultra-modern smart home, with damned near all the latest gadgets and technology one can imagine, then shove the family back in the home, and film their experiences.

Futurist, Chris Sanderson, strategy and insight director, as well as co-founder of The Future Laboratory, an internationally renowned consultancey firm famous for their insight on future trends, narrates the show, and gives insight to the research on what life in the industrialized world will be like over the next 50 years. Each episode focuses on one aspect of life in the near future, with the family being given first hand experiences with tomorrow’s world, today.

It’s a fantastic program, and if you find yourself with the means to view, or acquire it, I highly suggest you do so. What is really eerie about the program, is how much of what will be, is already filtering through to the now. As an amateur futurist myself, quite a few of the ideas expressed in the show, I have either already begun to implement in my own home now, or have designs to do so over the next five years. Everything from hydroponic gardens in the kitchen, and centralized media and computing networks in the home; to home fabrication with 3D printers, and self-sustaining, aquaponic greenhouses; to self-cleaning UV environments, and even natural gas powered fuel cell power stations for the home – I’ve either been doing already, in the planning stages of doing, or talking about this same stuff at GRNet for a while now, and it is actually wonderful to finally see a television series take a very serious look at the subject matter and focus on it exclusively.

Anyway, while it is only five episodes long, I think this is a program that everyone is going to love to get their hands on and view at least once. So do yourselves the favor and locate this amazing program anyway you can. Truth be told, this program had my undivided attention the moment they revealed that you can now purchase a consumer grade sous vide. To quote Will Smith, “I have got to get one of those.”


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