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A Game of Phones

As a T-Mobile customer with family on both T-Mobile and MetroPCS, and as a former wireless industry insider having worked with three wireless providers (one in Europe, two in the US) over a ten year period, I thought that I would weigh in on the proposed buyout of MetroPCS by Deutsche Telekom. It’s merger to T-Mobile US. And the spinning off the the combined company as a publicly traded entity.

This is actually a great deal for customers on both networks, and may actually work out to be a great deal for US wireless customers overall. And here’s why. (more…)


Home of the Future

I am seriously surprised no one has been discussing this television program. I have been watching Home of the Future for the past five weeks, and this is a techie/gamer/gadget-guru’s wet dream come to life.

The basic premise of Home of the Future: they have taken an average family (three generations living under one roof), completely gutted their home turning it into an ultra-modern smart home, with damned near all the latest gadgets and technology one can imagine, then shove the family back in the home, and film their experiences.

Decline of Killer App #3

If you look at the success of Western society the past two centuries, over most of the rest of the world, one of the key components, the building blocks of that success, is property rights of the individual protected by law. I believe the phrase in Americanish goes something like, “possession is 9/10ths of the law.” You have an entire Amendment in the US Constitution almost entirely dedicated to the subject, so on and so forth. You can see the importance of those rights in a recent TED Talk given by historian, Niall Ferguson (see embedded video), as he candidly discusses the decline of Western civilization and the ending of the Great Divergence.

A Pretty Awesome Day of Doing Nothing

Swinging @ the State FairSpent the day at the State Fair today, where I did not actually ride too many rides, but spent most of my time people watching. And then there was all the overpriced the food, the main reason I went. There is just something inexplicable about carnival food. It smells better than it tastes. And despite knowing that at my age from decades of experience, you still get suckered into spending way too much money on the stuff. And this year, boy did I ever spend. Over the course of the day, I imbibed enough food to make Adam Richman proud. Let’s see. All totaled, I wolfed down a twenty-four inch corndog; a cheeseburger the size of a hubcap, made up of enough bun to choke an elephant to death . . . and enough meat to be an elephant; a bucket of fries large enough to put Idaho out of business (which surprisingly, turned out to be some of the best fries I have eaten in ages – go figure); a barbecued turkey leg the size of meat portions from The Flintstones; and somehow found the space to choke down a vanilla icecream cone the size of the Burj Khalifa. We’re I a camel or something, I think that I have stored up enough food in my extra stomachs, to go a month or two across the Sahara without. (more…)

Lesson Learned

NathanYou know I have learned something crucial over the past five or six days. At my age, you cannot remotely think about extra shit like blogging when you are not taking care of yourself. Stuff like eating right, getting even a middling level of exercise in, proper sleep, weekly sexing, and plenty of water (not liquids, WATER dummy). Go even a day or two without any of that stuff, and you can just hang it up.

I’ve been doing the exact opposite of all the above for the past few days: lots of sugar, junk food, and pasties, no working out, two hours of sleep per day, a completely loveless week, drinking anything but water. And I feel like hammered shit right about now, and hurt in places I forgotten I had. And as you can see, the quantity and quality of what actually makes it into my blog has been impacted inversely as a result. Just getting up and doing the essentials of daily life, really takes it out of you when you are not taking care of yourself. So many ideas to blog about, and absolutely no energy or drive to get it done – not a good thing.

So take care of yourselves, kiddies. If you are young, get in the habit of doing it now (not tomorrow, today), and don’t break your regimen – ever. You will thank yourself for it, when you are my age. And if you are . . . my age, like saving for retirement, or getting your prostate checked, you should have already started long ago. Better now than never. That said, I’m out until I can at least get to the bottom of this IV of electrolytes . . . and a nap . . . and maybe something else . . .