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The Online Pass Problem

Online Pass MonopolyJason Roberts over at Lens of Truth, wrote a great op-ed about the trend of game publishers forcing gamers to have to buy into online passes. I would highly recommend taking out the time to read the original piece, titled, The Online Pass Strikes Again, before continuing beyond this point.

I’ve been seeing this piece linked around quite a bit over the past 24 hours: saw several links for it shared on my Twitter feed, a couple shares for it on my Facebook wall, seen it show up at Reddit, among other places. The piece really seems to be striking a raw nerve with gamers everywhere. And it should, as quite frankly, the piece is spot on, and paints a pretty grim picture for the future of the hobby. Especially as costs associated with game development (currently between $30 million to $50 million for the average multi-platform game) are due to double, and potentially triple with the release of next-gen hardware right around the corner. (more…)


Some Freaky Ass Shit

Almost a week late, just finally caught the pilot for American Horror Story. Equal parts sexy and horrifying, this show freaked me the hell out; it really gets inside and skullfucks your head from the inside. American Horror Story has a way of making you feel horny and scared shitless all in one go. And those kinds of diametrically opposed, conflicting emotions, are a perfect storm in a good horror. Going by what I saw in the pilot, the only way this show could get any better, is if it were on paid cable; paid cable would allow it to have certain creative liberties that basic cable can only go so far in exploring.

The Harmon family are so completely screwed. Everyone in that poor, messed up family, is as good as dead (or worse) by the end of the season. If you missed the pilot, you should be able to (for a while at least) catch it on the official American Horror Story Facebook profile.

Trailers and media, after the break. (more…)

The Mermaid, and the Whale

Tara LynnThe following appeared on my Facebook wall today, thanks to a share a young model I subscribe to, named Mei-Ling Lam. The original post was made by Delphine Fieberg, and the story she told struck a chord with me, so I thought I would share: (more…)

Spider-Man: Edge of Time Developers Hate OnLive Gamers? WTF?!

Okay, this one is totally blowing my mind right now. Apparently sometime early this morning, the official Facebook page for Activision’s upcoming super hero title, Spider-man: Edge of Time, posted a pretty disparaging comment (see photo after the break) on their wall, apparently in response to one fan’s (now, no doubt a lost customer who probably would have happily purchased the game on a different format were it not for the slight) query of the possibility of the game ever coming to OnLive. (more…)