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Summer of Arcade 2012

Summer of Arcade, Xbox LIVE Arcade’s annual promotion marking the middle of summer every year, turns 5 this year, and looking back over the 19 games released over the previous four years, I am not shocked that I own 13 of them. The annual promo usually brings out the best of the digital offerings every year, and 2012 looks to be no different.

Of the five games on offer this summer, at least three of them will go down as instant classics, not to mention day one purchases by yours truly. It would have been four day one purchases, but I no longer give money to help sponsor the corporate wrongdoings of Activision. Pretty much meaning that Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD is a no-buy for me; even if you paid me to purchase it – I’d just take your money, and still would not buy the game with it.

That aside, it looks to be a great summer line up, with a few surprises thrown in. And I for one cannot wait until the festivities kick on in late July. Look past the break to see the highlights of this year’s Summer of Arcade.


Rayman Origins, Time in a Bottle

Rayman 0rigins

FINALLY got around to playing the Rayman Origins demo. This game reminds me of every last reason that I fell in love with video games in the first place. Rayman Origins is a love letter to any video gamer who can remember how awesome, uninhibited, and carefee gaming was before the Playstation era. It shines a spotlight on how gaming in general took a very, very wrong turn. And serves as a reminder that sometimes what we collectively fool ourselves into thinking is progress, really is not. (more…)