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Left Turn

Change is the Essence of Life.  Be Willing to Surrender What You Are, for What You Could Become.You know how you can be looking right at something, and not realize exactly what it is you are observing, until someone else with fresh eyes comes along, and pretty much spells it out for you? Well, that is kinda where my life has been for some time now. And last night, someone came along who could finally tell me exactly at what I had been looking at all this time.

“Look, dude. Things around here have changed. Sometimes, the only way to keep going is to make a left turn,” advises Kyle Broflovski to his friend, Stan Marsh, in Wednesday night’s mid-season opener to Cartoon Network’s long running animated series, South Park. Little did I realize last spring when the first part of this two episode story arc aired, or even last night, as I sat enjoying the second part to the story, that South Park‘s creators had written an adventure so amazingly close in theme to what was going on in my life. It would not be until a few moments later in the episode that it would all make sense to me. (more…)


A Rose is a Rose is not ‘side loading’

nope, no sir, not a begonia

A contemporary recently posited the thought to me:

I am very amused by the phrase ‘side loading’. Isn’t that just any offline file transfer? The wikipedia page is funny. “The launch of Apple’s iTunes Store brought sideloading to the masses”. Yeah, because barely anybody transferred files between computers and devices before then! Cassettes, floppy disks, writeable CDs, LANs, none of it was as important as an Apple-branded mp3 player…

I feel the same way about the term ‘jail breaking’. Unlocking devices from closed networks and ecosystems, and/or changing the firmware to accept changes and custom software has been going on forever – it’s not a new concept. But somehow since the first iPhone was unlocked from AT&T, the process has been re-branded “jail breaking” and sold as if it’s something new. (more…)