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The Fades

The Fades

The Fades on BBC 3Been keeping an eye on The Fades, a BBC 3 dark fantasy series centering around a young geek named Paul, who can see the dead (the titular, Fades), and is having unexplained visions about the end of the world. I’m up to episode three currently, with episode four broadcasting Wednesday. The show overall, started out kind of darkly whimsical, but is really turning into something special – which seems to be the trend with many of the short UK series.

It’s a shame the series is only six episodes long, as I’m beginning to really fall for it. But I guess it is what it is; part of the reason so much of UK television is so good, is because of the brevity of most of the series.

Anyway, the end of the world appears to be coming along nicely, and even I’m beginning to doubt that protagpnist Paul, will be able to save it in just three more episodes – definitely not at the rate he is going by the end of episode three. (more…)


Some Freaky Ass Shit

Almost a week late, just finally caught the pilot for American Horror Story. Equal parts sexy and horrifying, this show freaked me the hell out; it really gets inside and skullfucks your head from the inside. American Horror Story has a way of making you feel horny and scared shitless all in one go. And those kinds of diametrically opposed, conflicting emotions, are a perfect storm in a good horror. Going by what I saw in the pilot, the only way this show could get any better, is if it were on paid cable; paid cable would allow it to have certain creative liberties that basic cable can only go so far in exploring.

The Harmon family are so completely screwed. Everyone in that poor, messed up family, is as good as dead (or worse) by the end of the season. If you missed the pilot, you should be able to (for a while at least) catch it on the official American Horror Story Facebook profile.

Trailers and media, after the break. (more…)

The Art of Interactive Fear

I was going to write the entire thing about Dead Space 2. And I was going to go on and on about how the original was awesome, and how part two was going to be even better. And I was going to go into an entire¬†soliloquy¬†about how outside of Alan Wake (a video game that everyone without exception should experience), the original Dead Space while flawed, was the closest thing to real, honest to God fear, you could experience in a video game, and how Dead Space 2 was going to build on that, repairing the faults found in the first game, and likely become one of the most frightening experiences any form of entertainment (film, novel, etc.) has ever managed to be. But then I decided there was really no point. Either you already know that Dead Space will make you pee your pants, or you do not. If you already know, then you already have Dead Space 2 pre-ordered and ready to go later this month. If you are in the category of people who had no clue . . . skip over the first game, rent or buy Dead Space 2, turn out the lights, turn up your home theater surround sound system, and either play it or have someone else play it for you as you watch on . . . and prepare to wet yourselves. Outside of that, and the trailer and some photos from the game (after the break), there is nothing else to say about this game. (more…)