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Lesson Learned

NathanYou know I have learned something crucial over the past five or six days. At my age, you cannot remotely think about extra shit like blogging when you are not taking care of yourself. Stuff like eating right, getting even a middling level of exercise in, proper sleep, weekly sexing, and plenty of water (not liquids, WATER dummy). Go even a day or two without any of that stuff, and you can just hang it up.

I’ve been doing the exact opposite of all the above for the past few days: lots of sugar, junk food, and pasties, no working out, two hours of sleep per day, a completely loveless week, drinking anything but water. And I feel like hammered shit right about now, and hurt in places I forgotten I had. And as you can see, the quantity and quality of what actually makes it into my blog has been impacted inversely as a result. Just getting up and doing the essentials of daily life, really takes it out of you when you are not taking care of yourself. So many ideas to blog about, and absolutely no energy or drive to get it done – not a good thing.

So take care of yourselves, kiddies. If you are young, get in the habit of doing it now (not tomorrow, today), and don’t break your regimen – ever. You will thank yourself for it, when you are my age. And if you are . . . my age, like saving for retirement, or getting your prostate checked, you should have already started long ago. Better now than never. That said, I’m out until I can at least get to the bottom of this IV of electrolytes . . . and a nap . . . and maybe something else . . .


Left Turn

Change is the Essence of Life.  Be Willing to Surrender What You Are, for What You Could Become.You know how you can be looking right at something, and not realize exactly what it is you are observing, until someone else with fresh eyes comes along, and pretty much spells it out for you? Well, that is kinda where my life has been for some time now. And last night, someone came along who could finally tell me exactly at what I had been looking at all this time.

“Look, dude. Things around here have changed. Sometimes, the only way to keep going is to make a left turn,” advises Kyle Broflovski to his friend, Stan Marsh, in Wednesday night’s mid-season opener to Cartoon Network’s long running animated series, South Park. Little did I realize last spring when the first part of this two episode story arc aired, or even last night, as I sat enjoying the second part to the story, that South Park‘s creators had written an adventure so amazingly close in theme to what was going on in my life. It would not be until a few moments later in the episode that it would all make sense to me. (more…)

This Is Not Winning

Alrighty then. Started this blog, made a few posts, made a commitment to actually blog on it . . . and then promptly abandoned it for almost ten months. I don’t know whether that is a statement about me, or about commitment, or about how my life is completely derailed currently, or even about my feelings about blogging in general (my feelings about blogging is generally not favorable), but I am sure there is something to be gleaned from my actions.

What the fuck am I doing?