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Let the Uprising Begin

What do you get when you take the frame story behind Batman Beyond, blend it with the Tron universe, fill it with a veritable star-studded geekfest cast of voice talent including Elijah Wood, Fred Tatasciore, Lance Henriksen, and Emmanuelle Chriqui, up the production values beyond what is usually associated with television animation, include tons of action and a halfway intelligently written script, and bring in Bruce Boxleitner to reprise his role as the titular, Tron? Well what are you still reading this shit for, when the answer awaits you in the first full episode of Tron: Uprising embedded below.



Too Far, Too Fast

Was checking out some 240Hz HDTVs today. You know the problem with the 240Hz mode on these TVs? You see too much. Was watching Tron Legacy on blu-ray, and while at times it looked amazing in the 240Hz mode, at other times you could tell when a prop was a prop (made of wood, or plastic), and you could tell when a special effect was a special effect (younger, evil Jeff Bridges looks like MOVA-powered CGI). There is a bit of the magic lost on any film when you can see through the fourth wall that way. And while with an older film, say like, A New Hope, you expect existing display quality to blow the source quality out of the water to the point where you can see every effect and prop in the film for what it is. When you get a similar effect on what amounts to a brand new film, then perhaps display quality is progressing a bit too far, too fast for our own good. Definitely outpacing how fast Hollywood can keep up with it.