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PlayStation Vita – North America Launch Lineup

Today, Sony just released the full lineup of PlayStation Vita launch titles. There are 35 titles on the list ranging in price from $9.99, all the way up to $49.99. Twenty-five of these titles are set to release on the PSV’s launch day, February 22, 2012. In celebration of what is easily turning out to be the single best portable game launch in history, I thought that I would recompile the full launch list, along with a boatload of videos. For the videos, I’ll be paying particular focus on games exclusive to the Vita – you know, the games which cannot be found on any other console or PC, in most cases, not even on the PS3. After all, when looking to buy new game hardware, it’s the exclusive content that really defines the experience, and is usually what most gamers want to see anyway.

So sit back, marvel at the huge list of games, enjoy all the videos that I have compiled, and start saving those pennies. February 22 will be here in less than two months, and between the surprisingly very affordable price of the Vita itself, and the shameful extortionist expensive proprietary memory cards, I easily see over $500 worth of stuff here I want to buy on day one, myself. (more…)


How Cloud Gaming Helps PC Gaming

For those not in the know, late last night (or early this morning if you are in Europe), cloud gaming company OnLive, released their Android and iOS apps, that will allow anyone with an Android tablet, Android smartphone, an iPhone, or an iPad, to play full PC games anywhere on the go, where they can connect with a 3G, 4G, or WiFi wireless connection. Along with the apps, OnLive debuted the OnLive Universal Controller, which will wirelessly connect to any of the above mentioned devices, plus an entire cornucopia of future HDTVs, blu-ray players and settop boxes that will come with OnLive already embedded in the device. Over 30, out of the near 200 games currently on the OnLive service, do not require a controller to play while using them over your mobile device. Working with publishers, these games either come with button overlays for your touchscreen, or in the case of titles like From Dust (arriving on the service soon), and Rockstar Games’ runaway hit, L.A. Noire, the developers worked extremely closely with OnLive to create game specific touchscreen controls. Which if reports are to be believed, not only represent the future of bringing PC games to mobile ecosystems, but are truly extraordinary, and have to be demoed by everyone to be believed.

Over at Joystiq where I regularly hang out, the topic kind of sprung up among some of the posters there (namely myself, ZoomyRamen, Scuffles, eat it, nerdydesi1, Kentbrockman, and a few others) about how OnLive, and more specifically what they were doing, could serve to benefit PC gaming as a whole. I was in the process of contributing my insights on the issue, upon realizing those insights were getting a bit verbose for Joystiq’s forums, and out of courtesy to the community there, have hosted my comment from my own blog. (more…)

Nintendoesn’t Any More

I was over at Joystiq just now, and I was reading an op ed entitled, Nintendo’s creeping doom: how the company came to misplace $926 million, by freelancer writer, Russ Pitts. Russ, an industry veteran formerly of The Escapist, and The Screen Savers, makes some interesting points about how Nintendo got to where they are today – having misplaced almost $1 billion in just six months. It’s a very good read, and I highly recommend you read it when you have the time. In summation, Russ ultimately gets to the crux of his piece, that the true source of Nintendo’s problems, one that even Nintendo refuses to talk about (at least outwardly to the rest of the world), is their seeming lack of ability (or desire) to create great games in a timely fashion for their fledgling hardware. Not to be confused with good games, or “me too” games, but great games. And he’s right on the money with the assertion, but more on that later. (more…)