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The Worst, Best Show On Television

Online Pass MonopolyFinally got around to watching the season two premier of AMC’s, The Walking Dead, and within minutes (literally less than six minutes into the episode), was reminded why I hated the show so much – it’s full of the dumbest, fucking stupidest people you could ever have the misfortune of surviving any apocalypse, much less an undead apocalypse with.

I know, I know. The series is supposed to be an instant classic, and the best comic to anything ever created in the history of – everything. And it’s based on the classic comic series (which I have not read, nor ever intend to, if it is as dumb as the TV show) by famed comic team, Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard. And these reasons alone, is supposed to make it something that everyone is supposed to be madly and unreservedly in love with it. And AMC has most certainly seen to it that the hype machine surrounding the show, will insure an undying legion of fans mindlessly flock to it without thought. Which is a hugely ironic, considering the program’s subject matter. (more…)


The Online Pass Problem

Online Pass MonopolyJason Roberts over at Lens of Truth, wrote a great op-ed about the trend of game publishers forcing gamers to have to buy into online passes. I would highly recommend taking out the time to read the original piece, titled, The Online Pass Strikes Again, before continuing beyond this point.

I’ve been seeing this piece linked around quite a bit over the past 24 hours: saw several links for it shared on my Twitter feed, a couple shares for it on my Facebook wall, seen it show up at Reddit, among other places. The piece really seems to be striking a raw nerve with gamers everywhere. And it should, as quite frankly, the piece is spot on, and paints a pretty grim picture for the future of the hobby. Especially as costs associated with game development (currently between $30 million to $50 million for the average multi-platform game) are due to double, and potentially triple with the release of next-gen hardware right around the corner. (more…)