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“And the Actual Retail Price is . . . “

Playstation Vita

Playstation Vita With the exception that PSVita 3G will only work exclusively with AT&T when it launches North America this winter, plus have a 20MB 3G data cap imposed, all the news coming out of the Sony camp surrounding their upcoming portable game system, has largely been extremely good news (from a gamer perspective) – I know, Sony has actually done something right for a change, go figure. But I guess all good things must come to an end, as it would appear the other shoe has finally dropped on the Playsation Vita. Along with news of the impending PSV global launch date set for February 22, 2012, comes news (finally) of pricing on Playstation Vita games – and no, it is not pretty news at all. In Europe at least, Sony appears to be pricing PSVita games as expensive as their PS3 counterparts. For North America, while it is not official (yet), that would mean PSVita games costing as much at $60 each for key titles. I will not say that this comes exactly as any kind of surprise, or anything. I will say that with everything else Sony was getting right surrounding the Vita, there was hope they would break with tradition and get this aspect right as well. And considering the specs of the portable, one could have expected the prices to be as high as PS3 titles, but two mitigating factors have always given hope that they would not be: (more…)


Spider-Man: Edge of Time Developers Hate OnLive Gamers? WTF?!

Okay, this one is totally blowing my mind right now. Apparently sometime early this morning, the official Facebook page for Activision’s upcoming super hero title, Spider-man: Edge of Time, posted a pretty disparaging comment (see photo after the break) on their wall, apparently in response to one fan’s (now, no doubt a lost customer who probably would have happily purchased the game on a different format were it not for the slight) query of the possibility of the game ever coming to OnLive. (more…)